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    Pilot Point Coffee House

    Being a member of the Pilot Point Chamber of Commerce has been a remarkable experience for me, both professionally and personally. The Welcoming and fun atmosphere, speakers at our luncheons, dedicated Board of Directors, events, celebrations, and exploding population growth have all fostered a feeling of progress and prosperity.

    Jimerson Adkins


    Legendary Drywall, Inc

    We joined the Chamber as a civic endeavor. We do not utilize it for the purpose of business.  We are a builders service company, meaning that we primarily only do sheetrock and finishing for new home construction.  Our main builder is Toll Brothers, which is a Nationally traded company.  We have several other companies that we do finish work for but not for individuals. We will continue to be a part of the Chamber in many ways. We just want to be a part of keeping the Chamber a vital part of our community by being members.



    Element Energy Advisors

    Why did you join the Chamber?

    I joined the Chamber for networking purposes as well to have more involvement with the community of Pilot Point. 

    What does the Chamber do?

    The Chamber mostly allows me to network with groups as well as assist with promoting my business in the area. Additionally, it tends to set business owners minds at ease knowing that I am a chamber member and here to help them. With Pilot​Point keeping its tight knit community mindset it helps starting conversations on what I do as a business and how I can help. 

    Since joining, has your business generated additional revenue?

    Yes, I like to believe that it has helped generating growth with my company.

    As an active member, have you received special support or benefits from our town or other members?

    I believe it has helped with a few, but also those few have been helpful with becoming referrals with others. 

    How has the Chamber benefitted you and/or your business?

    Same reasons as stated above. 

    How has the Chamber of Commerce benefitted Pilot Point?

    ​In the short time that I have been a member (just over a month) the discussions that I have had with local businesses and Chamber members seems to be the same. They are liking the changes that have been made with Leslie becoming president and the addition of Evon. Historically it does not sound like the Chamber just existed and was not a key attribute to the City or Community. The attitude and thoughts on that has certainly seemed to swing in the other direction and people sound to be more excited about the group and the direction it is heading.

    Michael Gonzales


    Pilot Point ISD

    The Pilot Point Chamber of Commerce plays such an integral part in Pilot Point.  Incredibly supportive in all aspects, it is a great organization doing great work for our community!

    Todd Southard


    Davis Dance, LLC

    Why did you join the Chamber?

    I joined to get more involved with the community and to get to know people in the community.  I also joined to learn more about running a business. 

    What does the Chamber do?

    The chamber exists to help support and build up local businesses.  I am still learning.  

    Since joining, has your business generated additional revenue?

    We have grown; however, I am not always sure the percentages as to where or what has helped that growth. 

    As an active member, have you received special support or benefits from our town or other members?  How has the Chamber benefitted you and/or your business?

    I think helping put us on the map. 

    What is the value of a Chamber of Commerce?

    Building one another up, helping others get involved. 

    What have the rewards of being a Chamber Member been for you and/or your business?

    I like to learn about the town and how it operates; this has been beneficial to hear about other establishments. 



    Pilot Point Economic Development Corporation

    How has the Chamber benefitted you and/or your business?

    Being a member of the Chamber furthers the Pilot Point Economic Development Corporation’s opportunity to stay connected to local businesses. The networking events and committee work allow us to build relationships with business owners and employees throughout the community.

    Denise Morris


    Pilot Point Post-Signal

    We opted to rejoin the Chamber because we love the renewed focus the Chamber leadership has on helping its members succeed and on helping its members connect to the community at large.

    At the Post-Signal, we have already seen an increase in advertising, and we been able to continue telling the community about the work the Pilot Point Chamber of Commerce is doing. We have also seen the efforts the Chamber leadership made following the devastating ice storm to help its members spread the word that they were again open for business. 

    Being a part of the Chamber provides a valuable network with people helping support us as a business as well as the businesses of our fellow members. It is also good to know that the investment we are making by being members helps support fellow small businesses in our area. 

    We are excited to see the projects the Chamber has planned become a reality, and we believe this renewed focus on growing and supporting the members will be incredibly beneficial for the area as it grows. 

    Abigail Allen


    Jerry Alford, Individual

    I have been involved in a Chamber since 1980. First in Irving and Lewisville Texas. At that time, I was a Manager with GTE, now known as Verizon Telephone.

    Our Company felt it was very important and beneficial for their employees to be active in the Chamber of Commerce.

    As a Chamber member you have an excellent opportunity to promote your company/business and meet many people. You get to know your customers and their needs and how you could provide better service. You also gain knowledge about your community and become better able to meet their needs. 

    I retired in 1995 and move to Pilot Point and soon joined the Pilot Point Chamber. I met many new friends and became involved in several groups and organizations. I found it rewarding to find ways I could help promote and develop Pilot Point. It was my way of giving back to the Community.

    Jerry Alford


    Wheeler Events, LLC

    My name is Patty Wheeler. 

    The Chamber has definitely impacted my business on so many levels. One way is more business exposure; connections with local businesses and the community. We feel very welcome especially because we are not located in Pilot Point. The Chamber has not treated us any different than the businesses in town. We are an outside business, but we feel so welcome and included in the Pilot Point area.

    Thank you so much and we look forward to many more years of success and growing our business together.

    Sincerely, Patty

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