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    About Us

    Leading Multi-Channel Inventory, Order, and Shipping Management Software for Growing Business

    Scale your online store using multiple platforms.

    B2B or B2C
    Manage your presence across multiple online retail channel to increase your potential sales. Let go of your worries and view all of your online activity on one single platform. ERP Gold lets you generate reports and views sales activity across all platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart etc.

    Intelligent and Powerful Serialized Inventory Control
    Batch, Barcode, transfer, Sale and track
    ERP Gold is a world leader in serialized inventory management software solution for electronics and medical equipment retailers and wholesalers. Customized to your workflow needs, equipped with modules like accounting, inventory, order processing and shipping all-in-one.

    ERP Gold means more growth opportunities for you, inventory sync with multiple marketplaces e.g., Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, BestBuy and many more.

    Inventory tracking through unique serial number. Creating batches, locations and departments and transfer in between one or bulk. Individual serial number tracking by department or stage, status or history tracking.

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