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    In July, 2004 Tri-Tex Grass opened its doors to the Granbury Community. Founders Randy Price, Cliff May, and Brett Brawner strived to produce and sell a top-quality product while giving the best customer service possible.

    Now, Tri-Tex Grass has stores in Granbury and Pilot Point, as well as farms in Tioga, Pilot Point, Melissa, Brazos Point and Bryan. Tri-Tex Grass’ commitment to its customers has led the company to be the first choice of Dallas/Ft Worth’s top landscapers, golf and sports venues, as well as residential and commercial clients by providing and installing high-quality bermuda grass, zoysia grass and St. Augustine grass.

    Our farms are located in Bryan, Tioga, Pilot Point and Brazos Point, Texas. With more than 1,000 acres of sod between the four different locations, Tri-Tex Grass is able to offer multiple types of turf grass for a variety of applications. Our inventory consists of Jamur and Zeon Zoysia, Certified and Registered Tifway 419, Tifway 419, Midiron, TifEagle and the newest type of Bermuda – Tiftuf.

    Tri-Tex Grass is committed to staying up-to-date on the production of new grass varieties that is best suited for our climate and rainfall, that way our customers get the best quality available.

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