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    About Us

    Agricen is a plant health technology company delivering innovative biochemical-based products that sustainably enhance plant health, quality and yield potential.
    Based on Nature, Built on Science
    Agricen develops and delivers innovative solutions that promote agricultural sustainability and improve plant health and performance.

    Helping Growers Meet Agricultural Challenges
    Helping Farmers
    Growers around the globe are facing increasing costs, the need for greater productivity and the demand for more sustainable agricultural practices. Agricen's innovative biocatalyst products help meet these challenges by improving the availability and uptake of a broad range of nutrients from fertilizers and soil nutrient sources.

    By incorporating Agricen’s products into their plant nutrition programs, growers can improve nutrient use efficiency, boost plant performance and increase their yields economically and sustainably.

    Agricen’s products for agriculture are available under the Accomplish® LM, Extract PBA, Maritime®, Prologue®, Terramar® and Titan® XC brands available from Loveland Products through Nutrien Ag Solutions.

    Solutions for Turf and Ornamental Plants
    Agricen's plant health technology is also used throughout the turf and ornamental plant market, helping turf managers, nursery operators, and landscape professionals get the most out of fertilizer programs by sustainably improving plant health, quality and performance.

    Accomplish® LM and Titan® XC can be used in turf and ornamental programs to improve nutrient availability and uptake and to enhance plant quality and perform

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